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The University of Gibraltar opens its doors

September 18, 2015

We are happy to announce that on 21st September 2015 the University of Gibraltar will open its doors and enrol its first cohort of students. This new higher education institution will bring many new opportunities for Gibraltar and the communities it will serve. For our project in particular, the compilation of the Gibraltar component of the International Corpus of English (ICE), it is going to become an invaluable source of linguistic data, since it will give us access to diverse text types, such as student essays, exam scripts, academic writing, popular writing on the different sciences and non-broadcast talks in Gibraltar English. Professor Daniella Tilbury, Vice-Chancellor of the University, informs that “[o]ur students will be taught by local educators who understand our context and needs, as well as by highly experienced academics drawn from different universities across the world.” This ensures that Gibraltar (academic) English will be the language used in the premises.