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Marianne Hundt

Marianne Hundt
Professor (Chair), University of Zurich  |  Affiliated Member

CHer interest in ViEW

  • Active / passive variation in academic World Englishes: ENL, ESL and ESD varieties (with Elena Seoane and Gerold Schneider)
  • Interdisciplinary variation in authorial presence in academic ENL varieties of English (Great Britain, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland) through the use of self-reference (with Elena Seoane)
  • Predicting the use of passive voice across different academic Englishes: a multi-factorial analysis (with Elena Seoane)
  • Collaboration on comparative research with the parsed GloWbE (CORPUS OF GLOBAL WEB-BASED ENGLISH) Corpus (with Elena Seoane)
  • Consultant for the compilation of ICE-GBR, given her experience as team leader of compilation of ICE-Fiji  (www.es.uzh.ch/Subsites/Projects/ICEFiji.html)